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To the official Website for The Journal of Adventist Education®, an award-winning professional journal for Christian teachers and others interested in Christian education.

Each issue of the Journal features informational and practical articles on a variety of topics relating to Christian education. Occasional theme issues also deal with practical applications of Christian education, the integration of faith and learning in the classroom, and training for school board members and trustees.

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We have posted more than 25-years’ worth of articles on this site in PDF format that you can access FREE! Just use the search engines at the upper right of this page. Click “Choose an Index/Search,” for example, and you can search for articles in previous volumes by topic, title, author, and issue! (Articles are posted online one year after publication.) Articles from the International Edition of the Journal (French, Spanish, and Portuguese) have also been posted online in a searchable database. Many, but not all, of the printed versions of back issues are also available. Please contact the before ordering a specific issue.

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