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Artboard 1 October-December 2017

​A Distinctive Framework for Adventist Nursing

  • Patricia S. Jones; Barbara R. James; Joyce Owino; Marie Abemyil; Angela Paredes de Beltrán; Edelweiss Ramal

Core Components of the Nursing Curriculum

  • Dolores J. Wright; Jacqueline Wosinski

Inviting a Spiritual Dialogue: A Loma Linda University Perspective

  • Iris Mamier; Edelweiss Ramal; Anne Berit Petersen; Harvey Elder

Clinical Teaching in Adventist Nursing

  • Susy A. Jael; Lucille Krull

Adventist Graduate Nursing Education: An Interview

  • Susan L. Lloyd; Holly Gadd; Shirley Tohm Bristol; Patricia S. Jones

​Developing Presence and Faith in Online Teaching

  • Pegi Flynt; Flor Contreras Castro; Tammy Overstreet

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