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1. Schools of the Bible:

Does God have a plan for education? If so, might the educational programs He has established throughout the Bible communicate essential features of this model? Paul wrote that God’s interactions with...

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2. ​The Church School:

Following is an adaptation of Dr. Jiří Moskala’s presentation to attendees at the 2017 LEAD Conference held May 30-June 4, 2017, in Slovenia, which presents his vision for strengthening Adventist education...

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3. ​Thirty Years of Research on the Impact of Adventist Schools on Students

This article reviews key findings of several landmark studies on the impact of Adventist education on Adventist students attending denominational schools, with the goal to inspire continuing research...

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4. Guest Editorial

As of December 2017, the Seventh-day Adventist education system worldwide had 8,539 schools, 106,976 teachers, and 1,935,898 students.1 These statistics indicate that the denomination operates one of...

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5. ​Culturally Responsive Christian Education at Holbrook Seventh-day Adventist Indian School

“The hardest thing to learn about a people of another race is that they are just like you in all essential ways.”—Tony Hillerman, as quoted in Navajos Wear Nikes, 2011.1 From the 1860s until the 1930s...

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6. ​Some Legal Considerations for Operating Boards in Adventist Schools (K-12)

“Thank you, but we have decided not to participate.” Such a short phrase from the local church pastor, but what a challenge it presented to me as conference superintendent of education! Because I was...

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7. ​The Moral Work of School Boards

A board member hears rumors that a physical education teacher is using inappropriate language at school sporting events. An elementary teacher with two students from an undocumented family asks a board...

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8. Preparing to Serve on the Local K-12 School Board

Congratulations! You have just accepted the invitation to serve on the local K-12 school board. Now what? Our schools are sacred—consecrated to God; each institution is an important link in a global network...

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9. Reading Comprehension Strategies to Improve Writing Skills in the High School English Class

The high school English curriculum is comprised of grammar, writing, vocabulary, and a variety of literary works. Some of these works are categorized as classic literature, and some are modern; however...

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10. When a School Board Member Goes “Rogue”

Although Seventh-day Adventist school boards have significant power to influence the schools under their care, they are not independent entities. They are guided by policies created and developed by local...

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Can You Hear Me Now? Psychological Issues in School Violence at Adventist Schools

  • Author: Coffen, Ronald D
  • Volume 72, Issue 01, 2009
  • Page 11
  • length: 8