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Professional Activity Credit

Continuing Education Study Materials and Tests Available through The Journal of Adventist Education®

A number of articles that appeared in The Journal of Adventist Education® have been approved by the North American Division (NAD) Office of Education for continuing education credit. The materials cannot be used for initial denominational teacher certification, nor do they convey college credit. Teachers in K-12 NAD schools who are working on denominational teacher re-certification can obtain 0.5 Continuing Education Units Credit or 5 Contact Hours for successfully completing a test on each of these articles. (For additional information on what you are required to do to obtain NAD teacher re-certification, or how much credit from JAE courses can be used toward this goal, contact your union conference certification officer. If you are required to complete a course on denominational history or another subject for re-certification, you will need to satisfactorily complete both tests to obtain credit.)

The study material costs U.S. $2.50 for each part (a two-part article costs $5.00; a three-part article, $7.50). Each article contains about 16 printed pages. When ordering the study material please send payment in the form of a check or money order made payable to The Journal of Adventist Education®. To obtain the study material, or to request additional information, write:

The Journal of Adventist Education
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600

If you wish to order the study materials by using a credit card, call:

Chandra Goff,
(301) 680-5069

There will be a U.S.$1.00 fee for each credit card order (Visa and MasterCard only accepted.)

Continuing Education Materials Available FREE in PDF Format

The continuing education study materials are available to download in PDF format. Type CONTINUING EDUCATION in the "Search All Fields" option provided in the Search box at the top of this screen. A list of the topics will be displayed in your browser. Follow the instructions for downloading these materials.

To Order Test Materials

For each test, send U.S. $30.00 in the form of a check or money order payable to La Sierra University to this address:

NAD/PAC—Prof. Activity Credit
Lolita Davidson Campbell, Ed.D.
26249 Mission Rd.
Loma Linda, CA 92354

Telephone: (909) 583-3661


You will need to take each test in the presence of a proctor—your principal, another professional teacher, your board chairperson, or pastor.  Dr. Davidson will mail you the results of your test, and will also send a formal notification to your union conference office of education. She also maintains a file with information about the courses you have successfully completed. If you move to a different union conference, contact her, and she will send a record of the tests you have taken to the certification officer in the new union.

Please note that some of the articles have been discontinued. The ones listed below are still available.

Watch for information coming soon on new study materials and revisions of courses already available.

List of Available Topics


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