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NOTICE: Continuing Education Materials and Tests

Continuing Education (CE) Study Materials and Tests are no longer available through The Journal of Adventist Education® (JAE)

CE courses will now be delivered by The Adventist Learning Community (ALC) at, in partnership with the North American Division Office of Education (NADOE).
Kindly contact the following individuals to receive more information:
Accessing scores for tests completed prior to 2015:
Email:  or call 909 583-3661.
Receiving CE Credit: Union Conference Certification Registrar.
ALC Course Delivery:

Continuing Education Materials Available FREE in PDF Format

The continuing education study materials are available to download in PDF format. Type CONTINUING EDUCATION in the "Search All Fields" option provided in the Search box at the top of this screen. A list of the topics will be displayed in your browser. Follow the instructions for downloading these materials.

List of Available Topics


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