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awardThe Journal of Adventist Education® has won eight Distinguished Achievement Awards, six Finalist classifications, and one Founder’s Award from the American Association of Publishers (formerly the Educational Press Association of America), a prestigious professional organization that each year honors a number of organizations and magazines for what professional judges have deemed to exemplify excellence in educational publishing. JAE has also won an award and three honorable mention designations from the Associated Church Press.

From the Association of American Publishers
  • 2015 REVERE Award Finalist: “Term Papers for Hire: how to Deter Academic Dishonesty” (Feb/Mar 2014) by Susan M. Taylor (feature category).
  • 2015 REVERE Award Finalist: “GMOs and the Great Controversy” (Oct/Nov 2014), design by Harry F. Knox, Art Director/Designer (cover category).
  • 2014: Finalist in the Distinguished Achievement Awards for the article “Schools Going Green: What Schools Are Doing to Save the Environment” by Lori Futcher (Oct/Nov 2013 issue), Periodicals; EDITORIAL - Feature Article, Adult.
  • 2013 Distinguished Achievement Award: “Principalship and Administration” (whole publication design)
  • 2013 Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist: “Providing Our Youth With Access and Opportunity to Attend Adventist Colleges” (learned article)
  • 2013 Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist: “Setting Students Free With Poetry Writing” (feature article)
  • 2011 Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist: “Adventist Education Around the World 2005-2010” (whole publication design)
  • 2010 Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist: “Creating a Butterfly Garden at Your School” (how-to article)
  • 2009 Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist: “Fine Arts in Adventist Schools” (one-theme issue)
  • 2008 Founder’s Award
  • 2005 Distinguished Achievement Award: “Connecting Cows and Currency” (feature article)
  • 1998 Distinguished Achievement Award: School Safety and Conflict Resolution (theme issue)
  • 1996 Distinguished Achievement Award: “I Didn’t Even Know I Liked You” (feature article)
  • 1995 Distinguished Achievement Award: “Should We Use Animals in Adventist Schools?” (feature article)
  • 1994 Distinguished Achievement Award: “Nurturing Faith in the Christian School” (feature article)
  • 1990 Distinguished Achievement Award: “Multicultural Education” (theme issue)
  • 1973 Distinguished Achievement Award: “100 Years of Adventist Education” (theme issue)
From the Associated Church Press
  • 2015 Honorable Mention for Feature Article: Magazine, Long Format “GMOs and the Great Controversy” by David A. Steen (Oct/Nov 2014 issue).
  • 2014 The Award of Excellence for Reporting and Writing: Theme Issue, Section or Series Journal (coordinator Wil Clarke) for the special Mathematics section in the April/May 2013 issue
  • 2014 Honorable Mention for Theological: Theological/Scholarly Article All Media (“Eschatological Living: A Call to Restore God’s Justice” by author Zack Plantak), in the Summer 2013 special issue entitled “Educating for Prophetic Social Activism.”
  • 2013 Honorable Mention for Feature Article: Magazine, Long Format: “Providing Our Youth with Access and Opportunity to Attend Adventist Colleges”
  • 2013 Honorable Mention for Theological or Scholarly Article: “A Biblical Foundation for integrating Faith and Learning”




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