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The Journal of Adventist Education®

Volume 72
October/November 2009-Summer 2010

Title Index

  • “The academic advisor: A key partner in students’ success.” NELSON, LINDA FELIPEZ; and TOEWS, BRUCE J. April-May 2010, 19-24.

  • “Adventist education and academic freedom.” FOWLER, JOHN M. April-May 2010, 3, 46.

  • “Adventist education around the world: East-Central Africa Division: Consolidating with strength and hope despite the challenges.” KIBUUKA, HUDSON. Summer 2010, 12-15.

  • “Adventist education around the world: Euro-Africa Division: Opportunities, blessings, and challenges.” BADENAS, ROBERTO. Summer 2010, 16-19.

  • “Adventist education around the world: Euro-Asia Division: A story of struggle, tenacity, faith, and blessing.” MIRILOV, BRANISLAV. Summer 2010, 20-23.

  • “Adventist education around the world: Inter-American Division: Adventist education ... More than mere instruction.” VELÁZQUEZ, MOISÉS. Summer 2010, 24-27.

  • “Adventist education around the world: North American Division: ‘Something better.’” BLACKMER, LARRY; FRYSON, DEBRA; and PLUBELL, DENNIS. Summer 2010, 28-31.

  • “Adventist education around the world: Northern Asia-Pacific Division: ‘Mission first’: The Northern Asia-Pacific Division’s educational mandate.” PHOON, CHEK YAT. Summer 2010, 32-35.

  • “Adventist education around the world: South American Division: Growing Seventh-day Adventist education in a sustainable way.” MESA, CARLOS A. Summer 2010, 36-39.

  • “Adventist education around the world: South Pacific Division: Adventist education: A proven soul winner.” HILL, BARRY. Summer 2010, 40-43.

  • “Adventist education around the world: Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division: Adventist education on the move.” KAMWENDO, ELLAH. Summer 2010, 44-47.

  • “Adventist education around the world: Southern Asia Division: Making grace known through Adventist education.” RAO, G. NAGESHWAR. Summer 2010, 48-51.

  • “Adventist education around the world: Southern Asia-Pacific Division: Reality today—vision tomorrow.” LEKIC, MIKE; and DOMINGO, LAWRENCE. Summer 2010, 52-55.

  • “Adventist education around the world: Trans-European Division: Good news in difficult places.” DUDA, DANIEL. Summer 2010, 56-59.

  • “Adventist education around the world: West-Central Africa Division: Education for redemption and restoration.” IKONNE, CHIEMELA. Summer 2010, 60-63.

  • “Adventist education in the 21st century: Eight significant trends.” RASI, HUMBERTO M. Summer 2010, 6-9.

  • “Allergies in the classroom.” HABENICHT, HERALD A.; and HABENICHT, DONNA J. December 2009-January 2010, 30-35.

  • “Awakening aesthetic awareness.” TAYLOR, JOHN WESLEY, V. December 2009-January 2010, 4-9.

  • “Brain Games at Southwestern Adventist University.” TAYLOR, HOYET. April-May 2010, [30]-36.

  • “Can you hear me now?” COFFEN, RON. October-November 2009, 11-18.

  • “Constitution Day: Celebrating with your students.” LAND, GARY G. February-March 2010, 17-21.

  • “Creating peaceable schools: Instructional and management approaches.” GABRIEL, ELVIN. February-March 2010, 22-28.

  • “Discovering dinosaurs: Teachers participate in Dinodig.” NORTHROP, CHLOE; and CHADWICK, ARTHUR V. December 2009-January 2010, 10-16.

  • “Emergency notification systems: A next step in preparedness?” NGO, EHREN; and WILLIAMS, RICK. October-November 2009, 40-43.

  • “Enhancing Reading Comprehension: Sabah schoolchildren use puppets and scripts to learn English.” RANDOLPH, TAMARA. February-March 2010, 43-47.

  • “Ensuring the safety and well-being of God’s children.” RUMBLE, BEVERLY J. ROBINSON. October-November 2009, 3.

  • “CIRCLE: The ‘Google’ of Adventist education.” BRADFIELD, GLYNIS. Summer 2010, 10-11.

  • “Health and beauty: Learning to be human.” BEARDSLEY, LISA M. December 2009-January 2010, 3.

  • “A heart for service: Why Walla Walla University implemented a mentor program.” LANG, MEL. April-May 2010, 25-29.

  • “How safe is your school?” HERRING, PATTI; and HOLZHAUSER, ELIZABETH. October-November 2009, 25-33.

  • “Introducing politics in the classroom.” TAYLOR, JOHN WESLEY, V. February-March 2010, 10-16.

  • “Light for living: Part 1: A study of the Seventh-day Adventist health message.” HOPP, JOYCE W.; and NEISH, CHRISTINE. December 2009-January 2010, 36-47.

  • “Light for living: Part 2: Choosing a healthy lifestyle.” HOPP, JOYCE W.; and NEISH, CHRISTINE. February-March 2010, 29-42.

  • “A nine-point lesson plan format for Christian education.” COX, WILLIAM F., JR.; BARNUM, KIRK T.; and HAMELOTH, NANCY J. February-March 2010, 4-9.

  • “Practical skills for 21st-century students.” CARSON, RAYMOND. April-May 2010, [38]-46.

  • “Preparing for the unexpected.” MUTCH, PATRICIA B. October-November 2009, 4-10.

  • “Preventing and reporting child abuse.” ARNETT, TRACY. December 2009-January 2010, 17-21.

  • “Responding to crisis in the Adventist educational environment: A CISM perspective.” BURNETT, HARVEY J., JR. October-November 2009, 34-39.

  • “Surviving a natural disaster.” DENNIS, STEPHEN. October-November 2009, 44-47.

  • “Teaching in the shadow of Galileo: Academic freedom on Seventh-day Adventist campuses.” GREENLEAF, FLOYD. April-May 2010, 10-18.

  • “Two ministries, one mission.” KNIGHT, GEORGE R. April-May 2010, 4-9.

  • “The uniqueness of Adventist education.” DULAN, C. GARLAND. Summer 2010, 4.

  • “What Adventist colleges are doing to ensure campus safety.” POIRIER, ELLEN. October-November 2009, 19-24.

  • “What the best teachers do .” RUMBLE, BEVERLY J. ROBINSON. February-March 2010, 3.

  • “What you need to know about H1N1 flu (swine flu).” HERRING, R. PATTI; and SOVORY, LISA. December 2009-January 2010, 22-29.


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